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Create this upcycled wooden ladder wardrobe

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Upcycled wooden ladders into a wardrobe
  • Difficulty
  • Costs
    50-100 £
  • Duration
    3-8 h


Are you looking to upcycle your old wooden ladders? We have the answer. This easy and quick project means you will be able to create a new eye catching wardrobe for your home.

What you need

Icon accessories
Additional items
  • ear protectors
  • protective goggles
  • floor protector or cover sheets
  • screw clamps
  • Protective gloves
  • Pencil
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Material list
  • 2 glued laminated plywood panels with an arbitrary length, 2 cm thick, 20 to 30 cm wide
  • Wooden curtain rail, 3 cm diameter, approx. 150 cm long
  • 2 wooden ladders, approx. 190 cm high
  • 8 screws with a diameter of 2.5-3 mm, 30 mm long for the boards
  • 6 screws with a diameter depending on the perforated tape, 15 mm to 20 mm long
  • Perforated tape, 24 cm (cut into 2 x 12 cm sections using end cutting pliers)
  • Paint
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's start - step by step

Video instructions

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Measure and cut the boards to size

Cutting into the wood with a nanoblade saw
Using a multi-sander to sand down the edges of the wood for a smooth finish
A vacuum to clean up the dust from sanding the wood

Firstly, measure out the boards to a length of 120cm and 115cm using a tape measure. Then make sure to clamp down the boards with screw clamps to the work bench. You are now ready to cut the boards to size using a jigsaw. Next sand down the edges using a multi-sander. Don't put too much pressure on the sander and make sure to keep it flat for the best results and a smooth finish. To remove dust use a vacuum as this will also help to keep the work surface clean.

2 3

Position the ladders

Positioning the brown wooden ladders into place

What you need: cordless screwdriver, ladders, screws

Lay down the ladders and position them so that their side rails are angled towards each other. Then place the longer board onto the bottom rung and fix it in place using two of the longer screws on each side. Turn the ladder round in order to be able to fix the shorter board up to the next rung in an offset position. Again, use two of the longer screws on each side.

3 3

Attaching the curtain rail to the ladders with a cordless screwdriver and perforated tape

What you need: Cordless sander, cordless screwdriver, curtain rail, perforated tape, screws

Mark the centre on the top rung of each side rail. Place the curtain rail on the top rungs and wrap the perforated tape around it on each side. Pre-drill the fixing holes using a cordless drill/driver. Then use a cordless screwdriver to attach the perforated tape with the short screws.

Icon hint

Paint your upcycled ladder wardrobe a classic white or trendy greenery. Use a paint spray system or a paintbrush to personalize your wooden boards. For the best results, you should leave a two hand-width clearance between the paint spray system and the project.

Legal notice

Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.