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Gingerbread decorations that look good enough to eat

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Wooden gingerbread men decorate the home
Create your own gingerbread men
  • Difficulty
  • Costs
    50-100 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


These particular gingerbread men are not intended to be eaten, rather to be used as Christmas decorations.

What you need

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Additional items
  • scissors
  • protective goggles
  • screw clamps
  • Pencil
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Material list
  • 20 x 30 cm MDF board
  • paint in brown and white
  • red ribbon
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's start - step by step

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Draw out the gingerbread man shape

Marking out the gingerbread man shape onto the wood
Mark out the shape of the gingerbread man

To start, print and cut out the template. Then transfer the template onto the MDF board using a pencil. To make it easier to saw, use a cordless drill/driver, and a 10 mm wood drill bit to pre-drill at the tight curves between the legs and next to the head.

Gingerbread Man TemplateDownload
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Cut out the gingerbread man

A person cutting out the gingerbread man using a cordless jigsaw
Use a jigsaw to cut out the gingerbread man

Time to cut out the gingerbread man using a cordless jigsaw. Once cut out, sand down the edges using the cordless multi-sander for a smooth finish.

3 6

Drill holes for the eyes

A person using a cordless drill to drill holes into the gingerbread man
Drill holes for the eyes and buttons

As marked on the template, use a cordless drill/driver and a 10 mm wood drill bit to drill the eyes, buttons and both corners of the mouth on the sawn-out gingerbread man.

4 6

Saw out the mouth

A person using a cordless jigsaw to cut out the mouth of the gingerbread man
Now cut out the mouth

Now saw out the rest of the mouth using a cordless jigsaw with the help of the drilled holes.

5 6

Attach the gingerbread man to its stand

A person uses a hot glue gun to stick the stand to the gingerbread man
Glue the stand to the gingerbread man

Sand down the edges using a cordless multi-sander to get a smooth finish. Then glue the gingerbread man onto the middle of the sawn-out board using a hot glue gun.

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Add the finishing touches

A person spraying the gingerbread man with paint
Just add the finishing touches

Now just to add the finishing touches to the gingerbread man. Spray the gingerbread man using a paint spray system and a brown acrylic paint. Once dry, decorate the gingerbread man with either a red ribbon or paint small dots around the edge. To make a bigger gingerbread man, have the template enlarged in a copy shop and buy a larger MDF board accordingly.

Your decorative gingerbread man is now complete.

Legal notice

Bosch does not accept any responsibility for the instructions stored here. Bosch would also like to point out that you follow these instructions at your own risk. For your own safety, please take all the necessary precautions.