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A twist on the classic advent wreath: The circular wreath

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A wooden ball-wreath with four candles stands on a wooden table
Create this modern circular wreath
  • Difficulty
  • Costs
    < 50 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


Give your advent wreath a modern twist with our circular wreath project guide.

What you need

Icon accessories
Additional items
  • protective goggles
  • screw clamps
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Material list
  • 4 wooden balls with through hole: 7 cm (D)
  • 4 wooden balls with through hole: 5 cm (D)
  • 9 wooden balls with continuous hole: 3 cm (D)
  • 6 wooden balls with through hole: 2 cm (D)
  • 4 brass candle holders: 20 mm (D)
  • paint
  • string
  • 4 candles
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's start - step by step

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Get sawing

A wooden ball is flattened on one side with a NanoBlade saw.
Time to saw

What you need: mini-saw, screw clamps, protective goggles, 4 wooden balls with through hole: 7 cm (D)

First start by clamping the largest wooden balls to the workbench with screw clamps so they are secure. The cut into the wooden balls so that you flatten them, these balls will be the cnadle holders. Don't forget to wear protective goggles.

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Get a smooth finish

A cordless multi-sander is used to sand down the sawn wooden balls.
Use your multi-sander for a smooth finish

What you need: Cordless multi-sander, protective goggles, screw clamps

To ensure a smooth finish after sawing the wooden balls, use a cordless multi-sander to sand down the the sawn area. Make sure to wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from sanding dust.

3 5

Drill the holes for the candles

 A bench drill is drilling a hole into a wooden ball for the circular wreath
Drill holes for the candles

What you need: bench drill, cordless combi drill, screw clamps, protective goggles

Use a bench drill or a cordless drill to drill holes into the woodden balls to create the candle holder. Secure the woodedn balls with the flat surface down. Make sure to drill about 2mm deeper than the candlesticks length to ensure they can stand in the holders.

Icon hint
Add colour

With a brush and some paint in the colour of your choice, paint the wooden balls to add a touch of colour to your circular wreath.

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Attach the candle holders to the wooden balls

A hot glue gun is used to attach the brass candle holders
Apply the adhesive evenly on the candle holder

What you need: Cordless glue gun, candle holders

Now glue in the candlestick holders into the drilled holes using a hot glue gun. Be careful not over-apply the glue.

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Making the wreath

A picture of somene threading wooden balls into a circle to form the wreath
Create the wreath

To make the wreath, thread the remaining smaller wooden balls with the larger wooden balls at regular intervals with some string into a circle. When the circle is complete, tie a knot in the string to secure. Now your wreath is complete, just the add the candles.

Legal notice

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