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The perfect space-saving bed for your little ones

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A space-saving bed made from Kallax shelving units in a children's bedroom with toys around it.
Lots of storage space: our idea for a children's bed made from shelving units
  • Difficulty
  • Costs
    100-200 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


A space-saving bed in your child's bedroom frees up the whole room for your little one to play in. This is perfect because, as you know, most kids love playing more than they like sleeping! Tidying up afterwards is no problem with the 2-in-1-bed: there's so much space for big toy boxes, which means everything can be quickly packed away.

What you need

Icon accessories
Additional items
  • work gloves
  • a stirrer to mix the paint
  • face mask
  • protective goggles
  • floor protector or cover sheets
  • screw clamps
  • Pencil
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Material list
  • White 2-in-1 paint: 345 ml
  • 2 white-stained, oak-effect IKEA Kallax shelving units: 147 x 77 cm (L x W) (or alternative open shelving units from other furniture manufacturers)
  • 2 white-stained, oak-effect IKEA Kallax shelving units: 77 x 77 cm (L x W) (or alternative open shelving units from other furniture manufacturers)
  • 3 smooth-edged boards for 12 slats, 70 x 10 cm each: 300 x 10 x 1.8 cm (L x W x H)
  • 2 smooth-edged boards for the frame: 250 x 6 x 1.8 cm (L x W x H)
  • 2 corded ribbons: 160 cm each (L)
  • 12 smaller brackets for the mattress frame
  • 36 self-drilling screws: 4 x 50 mm (D x L)
  • 16 self-drilling screws: 4 x 20 mm (D x L)
  • Mattress: 160 x 70 cm (L x W)
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's start - step by step

1 7

Put together the shelving units to form a square

Two oak-effect Kallax shelving units are screwed together using metal brackets, suitable screws and a cordless combi drill.
Screw together the shelving units to create a square

What you need: cordless combi drill, 2 IKEA Kallax shelving units: 147 x 77 cm (L x W), 2 IKEA Kallax shelving units: 77 x 77 cm (L x W), 8 small brackets, 32 self-drilling screws: 4 x 50 mm (D x L)

Finding storage space for your child's bedroom can often be tricky – so here's a solution: make your own space-saving bed from shelving units. For our one, we've used four Kallax shelving units from IKEA. Arrange them in a square, positioning the two shorter and two longer units opposite each other. First, screw together a longer and a shorter shelving unit to form a corner. Once you've screwed together all four shelving units to make a square, that's it for step 1.

2 7

Measure the wooden slats for the bed

A pencil and a steel square are used to draw a line marking where to saw.
To ensure you saw in a straight line, use a pencil and a set square to mark up where you should saw

What you need: Pencil, tape measure, set square, smooth-edged boards for the slatted bed base and the frame

Build the slatted bed base for the space-saving bed using 12 wooden slats (70 x 10 cm). To ensure the mattress doesn't slip off, build a frame out of four wooden panels – two of which should be 160 cm long and the other two 66.4 cm long (based on 70 cm minus double the thickness of the boards). Mark these dimensions on the wood using a pencil.

3 7

Saw the wooden slats

A wooden slat is cut using a Bosch NanoBlade saw. The wood is held in place using screw clamps.
Cut the wood to the correct size

What you need: NanoBlade saw, screw clamps, protective goggles, face mask, work gloves, ear protectors

As soon as you've measured everything, clamp the wooden slat you want to saw tightly using the screw clamps. This ensures that it doesn't slip when you're sawing. Put on your protective gear, place the saw on the wood and saw along the line you marked earlier.

4 7

Sand down the wooden slats

A wooden slat is sanded down using a multi-sander with a rectangular sanding plate.
Sand down the wood after sawing

What you need: multi-sander

Sand down the sawn-off edges evenly using a multi-sander so they are ready for painting. Use screw clamps to hold them firmly in place so they don't slip while you're sanding.

5 7

Paint the wood

A wooden slat is sprayed white using a green Bosch paint spray system.
Paint the slats for the mattress frame white

What you need: paint spray system, floor protector or cover sheets, a stirrer to mix the paint , white 2-in-1 paint

You can now paint the mattress frame in your child's favourite colour or in white, if preferred. When using a paint spray system, cover the floor beforehand with a protective sheet or floor covering. Then put on your protective gear such as your safety goggles, face mask, ear defenders and work gloves and spray the paint evenly over the wood. Alternatively, you can use a paint roller and a tray.

6 7

Put together the slatted bed base

A corded ribbon is placed 5 cm away from the edge of the wooden slat.
Lay the corded ribbon on the wooden slats for the slatted bed base
The corded ribbon is secured using a green Bosch cordless tacker.
Staple the corded ribbon firmly to the wooden slat

What you need: cordless tacker, 2 corded ribbons, 12 wooden slats: 70 x 10 cm each

Put together the 12 wooden slats you have sawn apart to form a slatted bed base. For best results, lay down the slats around 3 cm apart from each other.

Tip: use a piece of scrap wood to measure the distance between the slats, to make your DIY slatted bed base even more precise

Lay the two corded ribbons lengthways on either side of the wooden slat. Place them around 5 cm from the edge of the slat. Then staple the ribbons to the wood using two staples on each side

7 7

Assemble the wooden frame

A silver bracket is screwed onto a white wooden slat.
Assembling the frame is similar to assembling the shelving units: simply connect them together using brackets
White wooden slats are arranged in a rectangle on top of the Kallax shelving units. In front of these is a steel square
Lay down the wooden slats and clamp them using screw clamps and a long wooden slat to hold them in place
The white wooden slats are secured to the shelving unit from below using a cordless combi drill.
Screw the wooden slats firmly onto the shelving unit from below using suitable screws
The slatted bed base is placed in the white wooden frame.
The last step: adding the slatted bed base

What you need: cordless combi drill, pre-sawn slats for the frame, 4 brackets, 16 self-drilling screws: 4 x 20 mm (D x L), 4 self-drilling screws: 4 x 50 mm (D x L), long wooden slat, home-made slatted bed base, mattress

Now you're almost there. Your little ones can already start looking for a toy for their new bed. The four painted slats will become the mattress frame. Screw them together using the four brackets and four screws per bracket. Position the frame in the middle of the shelving units. Check that the distance from the frame to the edges is equal on all sides to ensure you've positioned it correctly, then secure the frame to make sure it doesn't slip.

Tip: it helps if you lay a long wooden slat on top of the frame and hold it in place using screw clamps. Then you can put in a screw into each corner of the frame from below (but don't forget to measure it out beforehand!). You can pre-drill each corner so it's easier to put the screws in straight. Then you just need to slot the slatted bed base you built into the frame and lay the mattress on top. Congratulations, the space-saving bed with storage for your child's bedroom is now complete!

Do you want to get your kids into DIY? Here are a couple of DIY toy ideas that you can try with them.

Legal notice

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