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Christmas table decorations

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Before your Christmas feast, consideration for your table décor is essential. Place cards, ‘Christmassy’ napkins and special dinnerware all contribute to the festive feeling. Hopefully through our suggestions, you’ll find some inspiration to make this your most festive Christmas yet.

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Christmas dinner can get messy, so napkins are a necessity. However, try to avoid using ones that are bland and boring, add a festive feel to yours by adding a Christmas element, by adding decorations to them or folding them to create shapes representing whatever you choose.

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Miniature wreaths

Instead of hanging your wreaths from doors and banisters, place miniature ones on your tables with assortments of candles.

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Mini Christmas trees

Your Christmas tree is your home’s centrepiece during the festive period. So make your mini Christmas tree your dinner table’s centrepiece. Real or faux trees are your own decision, place them in a wooden box with an assortment of decorations and you’re ready to go.

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Candle holders

Is there any time of the year other than the holiday season that’s more appropriate for putting pretty candles around your home? Ideas for candle holders can range from chunks of wood and pine cones all the way to cinnamon sticks and candy canes.

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Mason jar

Mason Jars have come a long way over the years and can be used in a multitude of ways. They could be used on your Christmas dinner table purely for ornamental purposes or could be used as a gift, containing something for everyone present at the table, ranging from delicious homemade recipes to candles that will light up the room.