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10 Christmas wreath ideas for a festive front door

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A festive front door wreath covered in ribbon

Does your front door need a festive makeover or are you just looking for some inspiration? Look no further, we have chosen our top 10 door wreaths for the perfect welcome this Christmas.

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Traditional wreath

A picture of a wreah made from evergreen, dried orange and cinnamon on a blue wooden door

Create your wreath from evergreen foliage, cinnamon sticks and dried out orange segments, beautiful to look at and smell.

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Natural green wreath

An image of a green wreath with pine cones and gold painted leaves on a blue wooden door

For a stunning green wreath, decorate yours with pine cones, feathers and winter plants.

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Christmas bauble wreath

A festive wreath made from brightly covered baubles

For a less traditional wreath create yours out of bright and colourful baubles. Perfect for creating extra Christmas cheer.

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Rustic wooden wreath

A wreath made from wooden logs and pine cones.

Decorate your wreath with wooden logs and pine cones for a rustic look. You could even spray paint the wreath silver or gold for a more modern look. These wreaths look brilliant on wooden front doors.

5 10

Decorative wreath

A front door wreath made from evergreen leaves with a decorative wooden tree decoration

Decorate a simple green wreath with an eye catching wooden decoration for a modern twist.

6 10

Winter plant wreath

A leafy green front door wreath with red berries

Create your wreath from plants and trees found in your garden, perfect if you are on a budget. We love how bright the red berries look against the green leaves.

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Jingle bell wreath

A wreath made out of silver sleigh bells

Add an extra jingle to your wreath by creating it out of sleigh bells. These wreaths are perfect indoors or out.

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Minimalistic wreath

A wreath made from wooden twigs

For a minimalistic and simple wreath create it out of dried twigs.

9 10

Snowy wreath

A green leafy wreath covered in snow and a red bow on a blue wooden door

Sprinkle fake snow over your finished wreath for a festive wreath straight out of a winter wonderland.

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Ribbon wreath

A front door wreath made of colouful ribbons

Cover your wreath in colourful ribbons to replicate a candy cane pattern.

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