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Christmas decorations from your garden

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Christmas is a time for celebrating all that is festive and adorning our homes. However, due to the dormant nature of our gardens during winter many people won't look to their garden for inspiration, even though there are many plants that offer up festive treats for decorations. Here are five ideas of plants you can take from your garden into your home this Christmas for decorations.

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Holly is an iconic Christmas plant. Create Christmas decorations with holly by cutting short branches with berries on. They can be added to wreaths and garlands, as well as placing sprigs around candle displays and mantelpieces. Tying small clusters together, perhaps to hang up with ribbons or to attach to gift wrapping is also an alternative.

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Ivy is also a classic Christmas decoration, which is grown in many of our gardens. Carefully pull out some tendrils, remove them and then lay lengths of trailing ivy using florist’s wire to hang around a banister or have running through the centre of a table.

Winding branches through wreaths and laying them along mantelpiece and windowsills with baubles and other Christmas staples is a very common option in regards to decorating your home during this festive period.

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Many people make the mistake of throwing away unwanted branches that they've removed from the Christmas tree to balance it out, Save them! The stems can be used to make more decorations. Removal off of othe trees (Pine, Yew, and Confier) are also fitting alternatives.

You can tie bunches together with ribbon and hang on doors and walls, or push small sections of Fir branches into an oasis to create a Christmas favourite: Mini Christmas trees!

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Pine Cones

Pine cones make fantastic Christmas decorations and are extremely versatile. Attach a few to your wreaths or pile them into bowls accompanied by fairy lights and baubles.

You can also use them to make ‘budget baubles’, by spraying them in colours, Red, Gold and Green to name a few. When sprayed Green, they can also be used to make miniature Christmas trees.

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This has been a popular Christmas decoration for as long as there have been Christmas decorations and are definitely synonymous with the festive period.

It is mostly found growing wild on trees, but if you’re lucky enough to encounter some growing near you, cut off a few sprigs, tie them into a bunch and hang from doorways or around lights.