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All about DIY

The online magazine for Bosch Home & Garden.

No matter if you want to build things, decorate or simply renovate. Do as much or as little as possible in the garden: some of you might have DIY in your genes, others might feel like having two left hands. We think that everyone is capable of doing DIY, and it doesn´t take much to have fun and to be successful: good ideas, inspiration, a few clever tips and tricks, and now and then a little support from someone who can be asked if you do not know. That´s all, and that is all about DIY.

Creative shelf with colourful flowers

Find your next project.

Beautiful, practical, creative, fun - find new inspiration and ideas to fuel your imagination and bring your ideas to life.
building a small DIY wood house

Bring your ideas to life.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Simple and easy to follow instructions for great DIY, gardening and decoration projects for all budgets and abilities.
Drilling into a wall

Expert guidance.

Which tool do you need? What materials? And what should you know before drilling a hole in the wall? Simple answers to simple questions.